One stop shop for all financial needs of the masses

Extensive Bouquet
of Financial Products

FIA offers one of the most extensive bouquet of financial products and allied services for low income groups ranging from Simplified Banking, Remittances, Disbursements, Advances, Insurance, Pension schemes and Managed Services. It further intends to introduce a wide range of third party products and services subsequently ranging from DIY, sanitation, healthcare & education.

Extensive distribution channel enables sourcing of micro customer’s right near their door steps

Better Sourcing Capabilities

The extensive and well defined FIA Network comprising of the ‘FIA Mitr Stores’ and ‘FIA Daksh Agents’ ensures wider penetration and better sourcing capabilities to acquire and service a large base of unbanked customers from right near their doorsteps.

Robust, low lost delivery platform

Cost Optimisation

The FIA network is based on the ideology of integrating existing retail shops into its network by enabling them with technology and innovative management practices to create a robust, far reaching and low cost delivery platform. This ensures cost optimisation at all stages of creating the delivery channel compared to the traditional model of setting up a new channel.

Integrated technology and operation sets designed keeping the low income group customer in mind

Security, Simplicity,
Speed and Accuracy

The indigenous technology platform and the operation sets commissioned by FIA to deliver the services to its customers are uniquely designed keeping in mind the preferences and requirements of the low income group customer. Together, they are capable of delivering all the services to FIA customers with security, simplicity, speed and accuracy. They are designed to work across all platforms including the simplest of mobile phones which find favour with such customers.

Management Team with extensive experience in sales and distribution, banking operations and technology

Proven Track Records

The FIA team has vast experience and insights in managing sales, distribution, operations and technology. Each member of the core team comes with a proven track record and established credentials. Furthermore, FIA prefers to hire local talent across the extended organization, those who can understand the customers better and ensure that they are more comfortable while interacting with them.